Lifespan Respite Care

Lifespan Respite Care is a system to identify and coordinate respite care options for families regardless of age, special need, or other characteristic of the person needing care. Respite Care Association of Wisconsin is a not-for-profit agency serving as the central point of contact for Lifespan Respite Care Programs across the state.  At a regional level, there are five agencies, each serving one of the 5 regions of the state:
The agency contact’s are well-versed in the respite options available for families in their respective counties, and are happy to answer any questions.

Western Region
Respite Program Contact:  Todd Braeker
Coordinating Agency: United Cerebral Palsy of WCW
Phone: 715-832-1782 / email

Northeastern Region 
Respite Program Contact: Harriet Redman
Coordinating Agency: Wisconsibs
Phone: 920.968.1742 / email

Northern Region
Respite Program Contact: Pam Ironside
Coordinating Agency: New Horizons North
Phone:715-423-7182 /email

Southeastern Region
Respite Program Contact: Becky Reis
Coordinating Agency: Broadscope Disablity Services
Phone: 414-329-4500 /email

Southern Region
Respite Program Contact: Paul Toellner
Coordinating Agency: Dodge County Lifespan Respite Network
Phone: 920-356-9870 / email

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin