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Who is eligible to join the registry? Providers who wish to be permanently listed on the registry must complete RCAW’s Respite Care Certification Program (RCCP).  We encourage providers to have a recent background check available to show primary caregivers.  

Disclaimer: Please note that the registry is provided for informational purposes only and is not all-inclusive. Providers in the database does not represent an endorsement, and providers not listed in the database does not constitute a lack of support. RCAW assumes no responsibility for any claims arising from the use of the respite care registry. We do not check the background, references, or any other aspect of the companies and individuals listed here. You must take responsibility for reviewing the experience, background checks, and qualifications of any respite care provider or agency that you hire.

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Individuals and Home & Community-Based Service (HCBS) agencies listed on our registry during COVID-19 understand this is a temporary listing. The intent is to engage displaced workers and connect them with primary caregivers, self-directed care recipients, or HCBS agencies that provide in-home supports. During COVID-19, we do not require individuals to complete our Respite Care Certification Program training, BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Respite Care Association of Wisconsin does not endorse any specific listing on our registry as we are not an employer, nor a provider. We are a connector. It is the responsibility of those on our listing to do their diligence in ensuring a person/agency is a good fit for yourself or your loved one.

We are hoping to identify individuals who are unemployed due to COVID-19 and what in-home care experience they may have. However, if you are temporarily unemployed as a result of other places of business, agencies and individuals may also look to hire to provide additional support such as transportation, running errands, delivering food, etc.

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We are only asking if you have had our training. During COVID-19, our free online training (RCCP) is not required, but recommended.

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During COVID-19, RCAW is opening its registry to those willing to provide in-home care, whether it be a direct-hire or employed by an agency that offers in-home supports. Check what boxes apply:

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You may upload a copy of a copy of your Wisconsin Criminal and Caregiver Background check if you’d like. It is no longer a requirement to be listed on our registry.

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