• michelle macdaniels says:

    I wish we had more going on in northern WI. Like Duluth, MN or Ashland,WI.

    • respite_siteadmin says:

      Hello and thank you for providing us feedback! We emailed you a few questions, to learn more about your specific needs and how RCAW can support you and others in your county, in the Norther Region of the state. We will also be mailing you the requested content for marketing materials. RCAW looks forward to hearing from you!

      • Danielle Holt says:

        Yes i’m interested can you send me additional information per request thank you have a nice day.

        • respite_siteadmin says:

          Michelle, thank you for contacting us. At your convenience, please check your email as we’ve continued the dialogue there. -RCAW

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