Being a Respite Care Provider

Being a respite care provider on the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry allows you a unique opportunity to create meaningful moments in the lives of family caregivers and care recipients from birth to end-of-life. You can be your boss with a flexible schedule that you control.

Benefits of Becoming a Respite Care Provider:


As in Be Your Own Boss!


Flexible Schedule

You Control Your Schedule.

Relationships- relations-association- connection- connections- relatedness

Develop Connections

Create Relationships and Meaningful Moments!

How to Become A Respite Care Provider:

Create an account to access the training courses
Enroll in and complete Course 100. RCCP Introduction
Complete the first nine courses in any order (101-109)
Complete Course 110: Next Steps & Registry info; download or print your certificate
 We want to invite you to take The Wisconsin Respite Survey. The Wisconsin Respite Survey is an online survey of caregivers, care recipients, respite providers, and agencies.
Your input in this survey is significant to understand the current state of respite better. The survey is being conducted in partnership between the Marquette University College of Nursing, the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin, and the ARCH National Resource Network.
The purpose of the survey is to:
1. Assess and understand the current state of respite in Wisconsin by understanding who is receiving respite
2. Understand the availability and access to receiving respite
3. Understand the barriers to receive quality respite
4. Understand the respite care workforce
5. Understand how respite is used and what outcomes respite has

Data from July 01, 2020 – JULY 2022

Number of respite care providers listed on the registry
Number of respite hours funded through our CRGP
amount of $$ allocated via grant programs
Number of learners who’ve completed Respite Care Provider Training