Welcome to the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry! This FREE registry connects those needing respite care with respite care providers. Direct care professionals or providers can sign up to be found as a respite care provider and find meaningful caregiver jobs, and primary caregivers can search this database for in-home or agency-based respite care providers that most closely meets their needs.

  • A FREE, searchable list of respite care providers
  • An effort to address the shortage of trained in-home respite care providers
  • Primary caregivers use it to find a respite worker when you are in need of a short break or support with their caregiving duties
  • It is statewide, and people searching the registry can filter providers by county

The registry lists private in-home respite care providers who have completed our free Respite Care Provider Training. The registry also has facility-based environments and agencies that provide respite care. 

Primary or family caregivers in need of respite care can search the registry and research respite provider profiles. The primary caregiver then contacts the respite provider to set up an interview, ask for a background check, negotiate specific care needs, and the hourly rate for providing care.

Primary caregivers create an account and then search the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry. After reviewing their results, the primary caregiver will contact the provider, and:

  • set up an interview,
  • ask for a background check, and
  • negotiate specific care needs and the hourly rate for providing care.

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin provides the Respite Care Registry but does not explicitly endorse any participants. We encourage respite care providers to have a recent background check available to provide to primary caregivers. 

If you are a primary caregiver and wish to run a background check, we encourage you to do so by visiting: Wisconsin Department of Justice – Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS)

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin is not an employment agency and serves as a connector between primary caregivers and respite care providers.  

RCAW is not an employer nor a provider.  RCAW is a connector to bridge the gap between primary caregivers and respite care providers.

Respite care providers listed on the registry are typically self-employed, employed by a third-party agency, or a direct hire by a self-directed consumer, or primary caregiver.

It is the responsibility of those listed on or using this registry to do their due diligence in ensuring the match is a good fit for both parties.

It is the responsibility of the person receiving care to pay their respite care providers directly and make all arrangements related to employment.

If you are looking for resources to help you navigate hiring a respite care provider, please visit the following pages of our site:

If you have additional questions about the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry, please contact us.

Disclaimer: Please note that the registry is provided as a community service for informational purposes only and is not all-inclusive. Joining our registry as a provider does not create an employer/employee relationship or any other contract or affiliation of any kind between a provider and RCAW. By joining the registry, you agree to hold RCAW harmless from any and all claims or causes of action that arise from your use of the registry and from your communications with any person or your contracting to provide any services to any person.  RCAW reserves the right to refuse a provider’s request to be listed on the registry or to remove a provider’s existing listing on the registry for any reason not prohibited by prevailing law with or without cause. RCAW’s listing of a provider  in the database does not represent an endorsement, and providers not listed in the database does not constitute a lack of support. RCAW assumes no responsibility for any claims arising from the use of the respite care registry. We do not check the background, references, or any other aspect of the companies and individuals listed here. You must take responsibility for reviewing the experience, background checks, and qualifications of any respite care provider or agency that you hire.

Overview of RCAW Respite Grant Programs

Updated November 01, 2023 

Dollars provided to new and existing respite care agencies to increase respite across the state
Dollars provided to family caregivers through the Group Respite Grant Program
Dollars provided to family caregivers to receive respite care through the Caregiver Respite Grant Program
Dollars provided to family caregivers through the Supplemental Respite Grant Program