KIT For Caregivers

KIT (Knowledge, Information, and Tools) for Caregivers

RCAW offers a collection of free online courses, discussion topics, files, and worksheets that cover a variety of topics for primary caregivers.

Current courses

Respite 101 for Family Caregivers – An Introduction to Respite in Wisconsin: This course will provide information about the benefits of respite, settings respite can be found in, how funding works for respite care in WI, and how to apply to the major funding sources.

How to Hire, Train, and Retain Respite Workers: In this course, primary caregivers will receive information and tools to find, hire, and retain a respite provider. A variety of worksheets and checklists will be given and is available for download in the “files” section of your training account.

Tools & Worksheets

Hire, Train, and Retain Provider Course Worksheets:

Lifecourse Tools:

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