Monthly Virtual Events

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin offers various live, virtual, reoccurring events to support family caregivers, respite providers, and agency staff.  

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Mindfulness Monday

Facilitated by a certified yoga & meditation instructor 1st & 3rd Monday each month from 9:00 am – 9:30 am. The 30 minutes will consist of 20 minutes of Mindfulness with 10 minutes of participant sharing.

Webinar Wednesday

Each month RCAW offers a 60-minute informative webinar regarding respite care in Wisconsin! RCAW staff will summarize how their programs, grants, FREE online training, and resources can maximize other primary caregiver support programs. Each month, Webinar Wednesday will also host guest speakers who are subject-matter experts to educate viewers on various respite related topics. 

Monthly Mini

Each month Respite Care Association of Wisconsin releases a FREE mini online training. Monthly Mini-Courses are short courses (30 minutes) that cover a variety of topics that might be geared for either family caregivers, respite providers, or both. These courses may focus on children, adult, elderly, or lifespan topics.

Two Minute Tip Tuesday

Twice a month, the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin publishes a short video with helpful tips, tricks, or information. Two Minute Tip Tuesday is a video series published on the RCAW YouTube page. These short videos share tips and tricks that can help respite providers, family caregivers, or anyone else supporting individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. 

Statistics from July 01, 2020 – Present Day

Number of respite care providers listed on the registry
Number of respite hours funded through our CRGP
amount of $$ allocated via grant programs
Number of learners who’ve completed Respite Care Certificate Program