Lifespan Respite Overview

Lifespan Respite Care programs are coordinated systems of accessible, community-based respite care services for primary caregivers of children, adults, and the elderly. Such programs reduce duplication of effort and assist in the development of respite care infrastructures at the state and local levels. Once implemented, Lifespan Respite Care programs improve the delivery and quality of respite services available to families across age and disability spectrums by establishing coordinated lifespan respite systems.

Lifespan Respite Care Programs advance the following objectives:

  1. Expand and enhance respite services in the states;
  2. Improve coordination and dissemination of respite services;
  3. Streamline access to programs;
  4. Fill gaps in service where necessary; and
  5. Improve the overall quality of the respite services currently available.

In 1999, Wisconsin adopted Lifespan Respite Care legislation and contracts with RCAW to administer the program.