Respite Care Certificate Program


The RCAW Respite Care Certificate Program (RCCP) is designed for people who are interested in providing respite care to individuals with varying disabilities and ages across the lifespan. Learners are able to work at their own pace to complete the ten required online courses. A minimum score of 75% for the final test for each course is required to receive a certificate of completion. There is no cost for the courses in this program.

Upon completion of the RCAW Respite Care Certificate Program, learners will be offered the opportunity to be added to the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry, available to primary caregivers to search for Respite Care Providers in their community.

Create an account to access the training courses
Enroll in and complete Course 100. RCCP Introduction
Complete the first nine courses in any order (101-109)
Complete Course 110: Next Steps & Registry info; download or print your certificate

The Ten RCCP Courses included in the RCCP Certification:

  • WI: What is Respite?
  • Disability Basics for Respite Providers
  • Client Care for Respite Providers
  • Medication Administration for Respite Providers
  • Abuse & Neglect for Respite Providers in WI
  • Caring for Challenging Moments for Respite Providers
  • Wellness, Household, and Free Time Activities
  • Professional Ethics and Interpersonal Skills for Respite Providers
  • Meeting with the Caregiver and Care Recipient
  • Next Steps & the RCAW Respite Care Registry

Statistics from July 01, 2020 – Present Day

Number of respite care providers listed on the registry
Number of respite hours funded through our CRGP
amount of $$ allocated via grant programs
Number of learners who’ve completed Respite Care Certificate Program