Caregiver Respite Grant Program (CRGP)

Effective May 05, 2023: Eligible applicants can reapply for the CRGP every 90 days. 

You likely devote a lot of time and energy to caring for a loved one with disabilities, special needs, or cognitive impairments, but you must take care of yourself, too! How can you give your best to the people you love if you are not your best? The Caregiver Respite Grant Program (CRGP) is here to help you do that!

Our CRGP provides financial support for family caregivers for up to five days of respite care within 30 days of approval. The grant helps you pay for one-on-one personal care from the respite care provider of your choice for your loved one living with disabilities or special needs.

This grant is available when financial support through other caregiver support or long-term care waiver programs is unavailable or has exhausted. Depending on funding, caregivers may be able to reapply for this grant a few times a year. Please look at the top of the grant’s webpage for up-to-date information. What a great way to recharge your batteries or spend one-on-one time with another family member or friend!

Imagine being able to:

  • Take a special day with another child in your family for some one-on-one quality time so they feel important and loved.
  • Going fishing with a buddy after years of not doing so because caring for your family member has required your constant attention.
  • Just take a few hours to get a massage, run some errands, visit a park, or catch up on some reading.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the grant, applicants (the primary or family caregiver) must have the applicable ADRC, Tribal ADRS, county case manager, etc., complete the Supporting Documentation Form showing the care recipient:

  • Has applied for a Long-term Care Waiver or other programs and not expecting to receive services or approval within thirty (30) days of the application
  • Has been denied Long-Term Care Waiver support(s) or other programs that provide respite services
  • Has been approved for Term Care Waiver support(s) or other programs that provide respite services and has exhausted funds from said programs
  • Has applied and is receiving other supports, and the applicant needs flexibility for services not covered by current funding supports.
  • Has not applied for a Long-Term Care Waiver support(s) because they are ineligible for other supports

Long-Term Care Waiver & Other Caregiver Supports

Check your eligibility with these programs before applying for the CRGP. 

Respite Resources

For primary caregivers of children, use this Wisconsin County Contact List to locate and contact your county representative for the CLTS Waiver Program or CCOP services.

For primary caregivers of adults or older adultsuse this Wisconsin Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) List to locate and contract your ADRC for the above LTC programs.  

ADRCs for Native American tribe members can find services by clicking on their tribe name from the Find Your Tribal ADRS List.

Please view the user-friendly video below, which explains the step-by-step process for applying for the Caregiver Respite Grant Program.

Instructions How to Apply:

CRGP Overview, Policy, and Procedure Document

This explains all of the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and additional resources to help you apply. 

***Please note: Eligible applicants must select a respite provider, dates of service, and other specifics, including the total requested amount, before submitting the grant application. 

The family/primary caregiver (applicant) completes the Eligibility Criteria Form.

The form can be found HERE

The ADRC or County submits the Supporting Documentation Form for RCAW Grant

The form can be found HERE


RCAW receives and reviews the Eligibility Criteria Form & Supporting Documentation Form, and qualified candidates will be emailed a link to the CRGP application.

The family/primary caregiver (applicant) completes and submits the application; RCAW will notify them if their application is approved via email, with a link to The Grant Report.

After the last date of respite, the family/primary caregiver (applicant) must sign The Grant Report, verifying the dates and times of respite care, and RCAW will send the approved grant funds via USPS.

If approved applicants used an agency to provide respite care, you will receive the CRGP Grant Report for Agencies

Depending on funds, family/primary caregivers may be able to reapply for the Caregiver Respite Grant Program a few times yearly. Please reference our website for up-to-date information.

Applicants must complete the Caregiver Respite Experience Survey to be eligible to reapply.

CRGP Recipient Testimonials

Appeals: RCAW’s board of directors will review CRGP applicants’ disputes if they have been denied a grant application and provide resolution requirements for RCAW.  Anyone who wishes to file an appeal must use the Grant Denial Appeal Form.

Grant Program Fraud Statement RCAW funds the majority of its programs with state and federal funds. RCAW is responsible for ensuring funds are used for their intended purpose and in a manner to conduct the goals and objectives identified in the grant. RCAW reserves the right to deny a grant application if it suspects or detects fraudulent information contained on a grant application RCAW also reserves the right to report suspected fraud to the appropriate officials, and applicants will be banned from applying for grants in the future. They may be subject to repayment of said grant funds to RCAW. All parties involved in grant fraud can potentially be charged with government grant fraud. Using state and federal grant dollars for unjust enrichment, personal gain, or other than their intended use is a form of theft, subject to criminal prosecution. Read the Grant Program Detailed Fraud Disclaimer.


If you have any questions about the Caregiver Respite Grant Program, your eligibility, or other resources, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

RCAW Respite Grant Program

Below are the dollars awarded to family caregivers, agencies, and new and existing programs to increase respite care statewide. To learn more about our grants, here.

Updated June 01, 2024 

Dollars Awarded to New & Existing Respite Provider Agencies
Dollars Awarded for the Group Respite Grant Program
Dollars Awarded for the Caregiver Respite Grant Program
Dollars Awarded for the Supplemental Respite Grant Program