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Fill in your name, email, and county information in the form below.  Please check your email inbox (and junk folder) for a link to the Wisconsin Respite Care Registry, where you will be able to conduct a search from our Wisconsin Care Registry for Respite Care Workers or Providers in your area.

Disclaimer: Please note that the registry is provided for informational purposes only and is not all-inclusive. Providers in the database does not represent an endorsement, and providers not listed in the database does not constitute a lack of support. RCAW assumes no responsibility for any claims arising from the use of the respite care registry. We do not check the background, references, or any other aspect of the companies and individuals listed here. You must take responsibility for reviewing the experience, background checks, and qualifications of any respite care provider or agency that you hire.

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Statistics from July 01, 2020 – March 2022

Number of respite care providers listed on the registry
Number of respite hours funded through our CRGP
amount of $$ allocated via grant programs
Number of learners who’ve completed Respite Care Provider Training