Group Respite Grant Program (GRGP)

RCAW is currently not accepting applications for this program. We will update the webpage accordingly once the application process reopens.

Frequently, a barrier for a family caregiver(s) to attend an event geared towards caregivers is a need for respite care. The Group Respite Grant Program funds existing agencies and organizations to hire respite care providers to offer on-site respite care during an event for family caregivers. Examples of on-site activities include but are not limited to support groups, classes, conferences, etc.  

The GRGP provides funds for care recipients engaging in meaningful activities while their family caregiver is stepping away for much-needed recreation, education, bonding, support, and a break from their duties.

This grant can help cover the costs of a one-time event or regularly recurring activities such as a support group and are not limited to non-profit or 501c3 organizations. 

All approved applicants must complete the GRGP Grant Report no later than 30 days after the event(s).

Examples of Past GRGP Recipients

Some examples of past GRGP recipient organizations include:

  • WisconSibs: The GRGP grant helped WisconSibs provide summer camp sponsorship for siblings of those with special needs.
  • Moon Beach: This GRGP grant made it possible to provide a camp experience for 35 to 50 family members where one family member is currently living with dementia. Family members at the camp included children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings and provided cherished life-affirming activities such as bonfires, safe water activities, and other events.
  • Fox Valley Memory Project Mindworks Program: The CRGP grant helped fund an extra day of Mindworks, a program designed for those with early symptoms of memory loss or dementia. This program also provides respite opportunities for care recipients and families while participants are engaged in the Mindworks class.
 Information and Apply for the grgp

For more information about the GRGP and application criteria, download the GRGP Overview PDF

To apply, please complete the GRGP Application

If you are a family caregiver or care provider and are looking for group respite services in your area, visit The Respite Care Registry.

Appeals: RCAW’s board of directors will review GRGP applicants’ disputes if they have been denied a grant application and provide resolution requirements for RCAW.  Anyone who wishes to file an appeal must use the Grant Denial Appeal Form.

Grant Program Fraud Statement RCAW funds the majority of its programs with state and federal funds. RCAW is responsible for ensuring funds are used for their intended purpose and in a manner to conduct the goals and objectives identified in the grant. RCAW reserves the right to deny a grant application if it suspects or detects fraudulent information contained on a grant application RCAW also reserves the right to report suspected fraud to the appropriate officials, and applicants will be banned from applying for grants in the future. They may be subject to repayment of said grant funds to RCAW. All parties involved in grant fraud can potentially be charged with government grant fraud. Using state and federal grant dollars for unjust enrichment, personal gain, or other than their intended use is a form of theft, subject to criminal prosecution. Read the Grant Program Detailed Fraud Disclaimer.

RCAW Respite Grant Program

Below are the dollars awarded to family caregivers, agencies, and new and existing programs to increase respite care statewide. To learn more about our grants, here.

Updated June 01, 2024 

Dollars Awarded to New & Existing Respite Provider Agencies
Dollars Awarded for the Group Respite Grant Program
Dollars Awarded for the Caregiver Respite Grant Program
Dollars Awarded for the Supplemental Respite Grant Program