Mini-Grant for Organizations and Agencies

Mini-grants are designed to assist communities, regions, or consortiums with local outreach, education, and training assistance through one-day, on-site recruitment, outreach, training, and educational events. 

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This grant is for your community or organization if you are:

  • A county or local government agency,
  • A tribe or band,
  • A community-based private, non-profit entity, or
  • A community-based private for-profit entity.

Mini-grants are meant to support events and activities that:

  • Expand the pool of trained respite care workers,
  • Educate local family caregivers,
  • Bring together local agencies that support family caregivers, and
  • Help connect care workers with family caregivers and respite care providers. 

More information about the types of activities that could be supported with the Mini-grant, take a look at the Mini-grant Overview and Application



  • A respite care worker recruitment, training & retention event or job fair,
  • A family caregiver outreach or education event,
  • An in-home respite care business start-up information session, or
  • Other activities as approved by RCAW that support our mission. 



The Mini-grant is a collaborative effort. While there are a set of responsibilities for both the grant recipient and RCAW, the RCAW staff is here to help you in a number of ways. Please read the Mini-grant Overview and Application to learn more about how we can support you in your local outreach or educational activity.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about the Mini-grant for Organizations and Agencies, your eligibility, or other resources, please contact RCAW Project Manager, Rachel Watkins-Petersen.

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin’s Mini-grant Program funds are a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services—Division of Medicaid Services.