Listen to Stephanie Summerville’s Life Support audio presentation and ask yourself What Would You Do?

Returning home to small-town Indiana, a young woman finds work caring for an unlikely (and challenging) patient. 

Stephanie Summerville is a New York-based actress, speaker and storyteller, most known for work with the Moth, a live storytelling events organization, and The Moth Radio Hour on National Public Radio.

Stephanie will be a featured Keynote speaker at the upcoming International Short Break Conference (ISBA) being held virtually June 22-25, 2021. 

Click on link below to listen to an audio copy of Stephanie’s caretaking story and the interesting situation she found herself in.


Most recently, her stories have been featured in The Huffington Post UK edition, and on the BBC Radio Program Outlook.

When not circling the globe on cruise ships as a speaker and performer, she lives as a nomad, declaring home to be “wherever I hang my hat.”

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